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Coaching journey

This 8 or 15 days journey takes you to the green north of the Canary Island Tenerife. The hotel is set in a beautiful park and overlooks the old harbor town of Puerto de la Cruz. A charming town where you can still enjoy the real Canarian atmosphere. During your stay, the team of specialists will provide new energy and the approach to small “physical" discomfort. Tailored to your situation under professional guidance. This creates the right basis for you to identify your mental problems and to work on appropriate solutions. Literally and figuratively distance from the daily worries. Fully cared for and working together in a safe environment to restore the balance between work, private and personality. Building a new structure, energy balance and a positive mindset ensure that you can look forward to the future with confidence.


Immediately after booking, the personal approach starts with an extensive intake and some preparatory assignments. On this intake we base the further guidance so that we can inspire 100%.


Below is a brief explanation per day. This is an indication, because it depends on your personal situation how we are going to do the filling. In addition, there are of course environmental factors, such as the weather, which can make an adjustment in the program.

Day 1 arrival
After landing at Tenerife's airport and pick up your suitcase, we will arrange transportation to the hotel. After check-in and lunch, we invite you to take a walk through the characteristic town of Puerto de la Cruz.

Day 2 to 7 or 14

These days,’s are going to work on important issues. Such as awareness of the current situation and your personal obstacles. Processing and letting go of things that stand in the way of your development. You will develop a new balance between work, personal and personality.

Regularly you can enjoy varied relaxation techniques such as Sacrocranial/Ayurvedic, Thai and Hot Stone massage, as well as Chi Kung, Yoga and Mindfulness. We will also get active inspiration in the form of a walk at El Teide and an interesting excursion.

Together, we are working on creating a realistic plan of action about your future. Where do you stand in 5 years and what can you do or leave to achieve that. Futura Esperanza means to face the future with confidence.

During this period there is also room for exploring the cozy city center and getting to know the inspiring surroundings and the welcoming people.

Day 8 or 15 Departure
This is the day of the return trip to your new future. The completion of this depends on the time of departure.

Personal Plan of approach

During your stay, you worked on a personal and realistic plan of approach, among other things. Based on this, you can continue to adapt your new insights about the balance between work, private and personality in daily practice. At least we will have another coaching conversation.


This unique journey has been achieved through a far-reaching collaboration between Futura Esperanza, Mbestcare and Hotel Taoro Garden. By combining each other's specialism, knowledge and experience we can offer you a personal program.

What do we offer?

  • A down to earth, objective approach to causes and consequences.
  • Clear advice.
  • Medical knowledge of the subject’s stress, overstress and burn out.
  • A forward-looking approach.
  • A warm personal approach.
  • Customization is our standard because no one is the same.
  • A unique approach by simultaneously improving mental, physical, and social condition.
  • Much flexibility possible in the way of guidance.
  • Understanding your own stressors and how to deal with them.
  • During the entire trip individual coaching by experienced (EMCC) coach.
    Our respect for privacy. You decide for yourself what you want to tell.
  • Personal transfer from airport and return.
  • 8 or 15 days stay in a luxury 4-star hotel, all inclusive, based on a single room.
  • Personal wellness program by professional team.
  • Excursions.
  • Call aftercare.


  • Come together with a partner, with either of them following the program.
  • Join a partner and follow your own program.
  • Extend your stay with an extra holiday, together with the family.
  • Variation in length and intensity of the program.
  • Take care of the flight.
  • Other individual wishes.
  • Reporting to employer.


The costs of this sustainable change depend heavily on the intensity and form of guidance. We will determine this based on your help demand, available time and financial opportunities. Choose this sustainable change in your life and contact us. We will send you an extensive quote based on your question.

Please let us know your wishes or ask for more information about the journey.

Structurated working on self-employement

Method Futura Esperanza

Structured work on self-development under guidance. Managing rest and energy in the right way is a good start. Important is the mental process, to get the direction of your life yourself to go for a better version of yourself. It is not easy, but it is fascinating to work on self-development. The result is a calm feeling and full of energy that will make the future a success. Futura Esperanza.

Enjoy the welcoming Canarian atmosphere

Hotel Taoro Garden Tenerife

During the trip you stay at this beautiful 4-star hotel. Located next to Taoro Park, a beautiful park with about 100,000 square meters of gardens, fountains and breathtaking panoramic views of the city of Puerto de la Cruz. A charming town in the north of the island. Far away from mass tourism in the south. Here you can still really enjoy the friendly Canarian atmosphere. In the middle of the Healing Environment of this sun-drenched, hospitable island you get a lot of time to think, talk, straighten out some things. Taoro Garden.

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NOBCO Nedrlandse orde van beroepscoaches
EMCC European Mentoring & Coaching Cousil
The Global Code of Ethics For Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors

We are a member of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches, because we value quality. In addition, we endorse the NOBCO Code of Ethics and comply with the complaints regulations. This offers extra security for you as a customer..