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Rest en building Energy, but than what, how to go futher?

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More than Wellness

It may happen that life requires something more than you had planned

It may happen that life requires something more than you had planned

Before you see it, you are stuck in your activities, business and/or private life. Then you want a solution. Especially if you're ‘struggling’ for a long time to manage things. You continue despite mental and physical exhaustion. You feel the need for REST and more ENERGY.

Wellness is a way to bring yourself to more peace and generate energy. Various forms of massage, meditation and movement can offer this. Come to yourself and turn tension into energy.

Find the energy and the rest again to continue.


But then you are relaxed and in flow. Back in the hectic world, where everything went wrong often means back to the end. Partly because this race is stored in your memory to maintain your body's survival and stress.

Not consciously, this is especially unconsciously happening. You're super-Zen but all at once, back in the middle of the busiest ‘highway’. Everything comes to you in at ones. All ‘bullets’ fly around your ears. The ‘monkeys’ climb on your shoulders and the ‘bears’ block the road and run to you. Or worse:

They don't do what you want, put everything down to you, ignore you if you want to take part, have to get everything explained again, exceed your patience, try to 'taggle' you, don't meet appointments etc.


Others are in a situation that's miserable. Events with great impact that make life difficult to get back to a positive goal.

Others are in a totally unsuited environment. Or have to rebuild life after loss of work, bankruptcy or relationships.

Often there is a combination of above and other factors, where just relaxing is only part of the story for the solution.

Monkeys and bears

What do you want?
For example, you are in the situation, that everything comes to you. Despite this race, you want to stay on your feet.
Control all ‘balls, monkeys and bears’ that arrive.


  • This ball I lay down next to me.
  • I delegate this monkey to where it belongs.
  • This bullet goes into planning for later.
  • This comment is sensitive, is a trigger, I am aware of, but I
    don't let me influence again.
  • I will leave this opinion to go, so I will be bending over in time.
  • I think this action is important, and it is being given attention.
  • This task has acute priority, i.e. action.
  • This task has low priority.
  • This bear I let remove from the process.
  • This angel does not fit my personality, that can do another better.
  • This comment: What someone thinks of me says more about that person,
    then about myself.
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

That is the aim. If you are stable in the race again, you can continue.
There are, of course, many other situations.

Frozen energy

Other people may have been stranded and lost and need strength, courage, but above all a plan to rebuild a structured life and/or business.
You are more relaxed after the wellness and have tried to make energy flow better, but still in a frozen situation. All alone. And no one has (attention / priority) time for you. This is a serious process, you have to do it yourself. Lots of thinking, evaluating, setting and building goals. Self, but you don't have to do it all alone.


Another example: Others want to escape from their present situation. This can be his current work, a company, the job, difficult private circumstances or a stalled relationship. Often, it's more factors at once that make it difficult. Events in work and private. After the wellness activities you are better balanced with yourself, but returning to the crisis situation or staying in an environment that is completely out of line with you dispels the balance.
Getting away from an unideal situation is difficult. But it's even more complicated to know what you're going to do. Where are you going to, what is your purpose and how? How do you develop yourself?


Often it is the combinations of these and other examples in relation to your personality, who you have become through all those events and experiences. With your own reactions and the consequences of that again. How do you deal with situations, surroundings and people?

Become aware, self-knowledge, process, build, opportunities, manage, structure, etc. It is a total process that you have to go through. Many habits and actions go unconsciously and are difficult for yourself to see and to get a grip on..


Futura Esperanza focuses on this extensive process.
Structured work on self-development under guidance. Managing peace and energy in good jobs is a good start. Important is the mental process, to get the direction of your life yourself to go for a better version of yourself. It is not self-evident, but it is fascinating to work on self-deployment. The result is a peaceful feeling and full of energy that will take you to the future.

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